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          $ 1.8万


          超过$ 700,000

          资本运动 像阿尔伯特学校来筹集资金的一个主要项目就是太贵了在学校的年度预算中列入。
          这些项目的例子可以包括更换旧的Windows,将教室的新翼,建设一个剧场,改造体育设施,或建立一个养老。在这种情况下,学校将运行 运动 募集资金用于该项目。 活动 通常为至少一年甚至更多运行。

          为了消除旧迹和草地,并与国家的最先进的田径场草坪取代他们,我们借了$ 1,800,000。

          我们现在运行 田径资本运动 偿还债务。这个 运动 是一个五年计划,以偿还贷款的第二年。到今天为止,我们已经筹集了超过$ 70万捐款和认捐。

          我们以(每年$ 10,000 5年)$ 50,000 $ 10,000($ 2K五年)寻求捐助者。如果你能够做一个礼物欧洲杯足彩app运动,并成为虚拟斑块(下图)的一部分,请单击立即捐款按钮来完成你的承诺。

          一旦我们达到20个$ 50K捐助者和100在$ 10,000水平的目标,永久的牌匾将在现场进行安装,以纪念谁做的跟踪捐助者和外地一个现实阿尔伯图斯。谢谢!

          Donor List

          List of 4 items.

          • Donation and Pledges ($50,000 or more)

            • Anonymous
            • John '74 and Mary '76 McLaughlin
            • Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan '74
            • Mr. Joseph Brucella '68
            • The Golden Family
            • Mr. William H. Heilferty '74
            • The Downes Family
          • Donation and Pledges ($25,000 or more)

            • John '79 and Mary Cozzi
            • Robert and Monica Ahrens '68
            • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bricker
          • Donations and Pledges ($10,000 or more)

            • Anonymous '89
            • Mr. Larry Beckerle
            • Fr. Thomas M. Colucci '74
            • Mrs. Jeanmarie Flaherty Cooney
            • Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Dandridge
            • Mr. and Mrs. Marc Desantis '91
            • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dragicevich '75
            • Deacon and Mrs. Eugene Hamilton '64
            • In Memory of Fr. Eugene Hamilton '90
            • Mr. Thomas J. Hamilton '93
            • The Hart Family
            • Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hill '64
            • The Ivey Family
            • Mr. and Mrs. Jimm Lorenz '82
            • Joe and Kathie McCabe '73
            • Mr. and Mrs. Philip Murphy '91
            • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oates '79
            • Mr. Michael K. Reidy '80
            • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Tesseyman '01
          • 欧洲杯足彩app Levels

            • $1,000,000 or more The Veritas Society
            • $500,000 or more Order of Preachers Society
            • $250,000 or more St. Catherine of Siena Society
            • $100,000 or more St. Dominic Circle
            • $50,000 or more St. Thomas Aquinas Circle
            • $25,000 or more Leadership Circle
            • $10,000 or more Founders Club
            • $5,000 or more St. Albert the Great Club
            • $2,500 or more Magnus Club
            • $1,000 or more Presidents Club
            • $100 or more Falcons Club

          Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gold Medalist

          “A trophy carries dust, memories last forever”

          List of 2 items.

          • Our Shared History

            Albertus Magnus High School officially opened to students in September 1957. For the first 13 years of the school’s existence Falcon athletes participating in cross country, baseball, soccer or track and field practiced in the AM parking lot, or in a cleared space in the woods beside the school. Even when they were listed as the home team, Albertus went to other venues in the county for meets and games.
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          • Naming Opportunities

            Think back to the people who have transformed your life and made you who you are today. A truly gratifying experience is giving a gift in honor or in memory of someone important – someone who has influenced your life. The Soaring Falcons 资本运动 will have multiple opportunities to create lasting tributes to family and friends. Please contact the Albertus Magnus 发展 Office to discuss the available opportunities.
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          Albertus Magnus High School
          798 Route 304
          Bardonia, NY 10954
          (845) 623-8842
          Fax: (845) 623-0009

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